Mobile Mechanics Auckland

Car Service – Bronze Service

Congratulations, you have choosen the Bronze service!

1. Recommended For Vehicles serviced in last 12 months

2. For any vehicle with a  current problem or just needing a regular full car service

Full Test and Check of Your:

  • Check and replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check Power steering fluid
  • Test Battery
  • Window blades and fluid and horn
  • Clutch and brake master cylinder fluid levels
  • Battery fluid
  • Check Engine for oil and engine leaks
  • Idle speed/mixture adjustment (if applicable)
  • Inspect feul rail for security and condition
  • Diff and transaxle fluid
  • Full tune (15 point)


Inspect and Full Checks on:

  • Radiator and heater cores inspected
  • Heater tap
  • Visual check cooling system hoses
  • Pressure check cooling system
  • Water pump and fan clutch
  • Hose clamps Pressure, cooling system
  • Fan belt adjusted as required
  • Window Blades
  • Air filter
  • Fuel hoses checked secured as needed
  • Test brake lights. indicator and side and headlights
  • Check steering componets
  • Check All brakes
  • Check WOF expiry
  • Fuel filter check
  • Checks of fan Vee belts
  • Spark plug checked for wear and ignition componets


Inspect and Full Checks on

  • Adjust hand brakes
  • Check Exhaust secureand for leaks
  • Replace wiper refill
  • Check Drive belts
  • Road test: Check of braking system. steering
  • Suspension and overall accessories and lights